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EWB Test Kits are provided to you by the team at EWB Consultants.

EWB Consultants have been providing professional services to commercial and residential clients throughout New Zealand for many years, however, sometimes a specialist is not needed, so EWB Consultants also offer DIY Home & Soil Test Kits so New Zealanders can safely collect their own samples and still receive a reliable result for an affordable price.


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Heading up the team at EWB Consultants is Elaina Wells-Boud. Elaina is a Senior Environmental Scientist, and a Suitably Qualified and Experienced Practitioner (SQEP) with a specialist background in contaminated sites. She has over 18 years experience with environmental and contamination testing in both the private and public sectors.

Annie Wells-Boud is a Senior Environmental Consultant, a Suitably Qualified and Experienced Practitioner (SQEP) and holds Asbestos BOHS IP402 Certification. With a broad range of experience in environmental investigations and testing, she project manages and works hands-on in the environmental investigations. 

Specialist Environmental Consultants

When specialist environmental investigation and testing services are required, head over to the consultant website here.


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