Asbestos (ACM) Test Kit
Asbestos (ACM) Test Kit
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Asbestos (ACM) Test Kit

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If you have building material within your house that you suspect might contain asbestos and it has seen better days, or you are planning DIY renovations that will disturb it, then an asbestos test is recommended so that any asbestos can then be handled appropriately.

The Asbestos (ACM) Test Kit will allow you to test building material/s for the presence of asbestos. See below for more information about asbestos and this sampling kit.

What's in the Kit:

  • Sampling Instructions
  • Sample bag/s
  • Gloves
  • Sample Submission Form
  • Pre-Paid Sample Return Courier Bag
  • IANZ accredited laboratory analysis of your sample/s for the presence of asbestos including lab report
  • Professional assessment of your results.

Your assessment report will include the results of your analysis and will include suggestions for next steps and where to find more information if asbestos is identified.

If you don't already have the necessary PPE to safely take the sample for asbestos testing, then in addition to this test kit you will need a Sampling PPE Kit which is available separately here.

This test kit and the report that you will receive is designed for personal use and cannot be used as evidence for the presence or absence of asbestos - only an asbestos survey carried out by a licensed asbestos surveyor can provide this.

Turnaround time for test results:

You will receive your professional assessment report including laboratory results 5 working days from the date your sample is received by our office.

What you can test

This DIY Test Kit is designed for Non-Friable Class B Asbestos only - material that cannot be crushed or broken by hand. Common Class B Asbestos materials include vinyl flooring and fibre cement board commonly found in baseboards, soffits and gable ends.

If you have friable material - loose fibrous or soft-bonded material that can be crushed or broken by hand, that you suspect contains asbestos, then a licensed asbestos surveyor should undertake the sampling as it is not safe to test it yourself. Common Class A Asbestos materials include insulation and textured / popcorn ceilings in poor condition.

Additional Items

In addition to this kit, there are some other items you will need to take your sample/s, that you may already have lying around the house:

  • Wet wipes (baby wipes or antibacterial wipes)
  • Misting spray bottle, garden sprayer or hose with misting attachment
  • Disposal bag
  • 2x Disposable drop sheets
  • Tape or ground pins
  • Sampling tool (eg; pliers)
  • Sealant & applicator (eg; PVA glue and small disposable paint brush)
  • PPE: P2 Mask & Coveralls (available here)

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